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I'm just about to start AAT level 2 but I can't decide whether to start now on the AQ2013 syllabus or wait until September to start on the new syllabus AQ2016.

I've read and understand what the differences are between the two but would like to know whether employers are likely to rate the newer version any better than the older when looking at your cv?

I understand that this is a difficult question to answer but I'd appreciate any opinions you might have to help me make a decision.



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    Hi, i asked a similar question as well in the level 2 section of the forum. Like yourself I'm undecided if I should start now with the current 2013 syllabus (a months head start) or wait until the new syllabus in September?

    From what I gathered the new syllabus marking scheme (pass, merit and distinction) may benefit learners who achieve top marks as the distinction grade (I think it's 90%+ marks) may help you standout from the crowd and be seen more favourably by employers.....but at the same time I worry if I don't do as well and only get a merit grade (or worse a pass) the whole level 2 qualification may become inferior compared to top tier students?

    At least the current syllabus will just be graded a blanket pass so to speak until I can build up some confidence in the AAT course then be ready for the new syllabus completing the level 3. I'm not too keen on the extra synoptic exam because that's extra time (to go over everything again) and extra cost, the current 2013 syllabus just seems more convenient! But that is just my opinion of course! Good luck whatever you decide! ☺

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    Thanks for your input, I understand and agree with everything you've mentioned there. I've also spoken to many service providers over the last couple of weeks and these conversations also make me favor the current one.
    Thanks again and good luck with your training!
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