Fast track /combined Levels 3 &4 via distance learning?

Hi, I completed L2 last month (in 5 months, FE college-1 day a week and found the study pace VERY slow).
Now I would ideally like to continue with AQ2013 L3 & 4 but I'm running out of time!!

I currently work p/t in a finance admin role with approx 25hours per week available for distance learning study if I'm disciplined, so I think I could complete both levels in a year with online support.
Does anyone have experience of fast track distance learning with a reputable provider?

Home Learning College offers a combined L3 &4 course but I've noticed that they have quite a few negative reviews on the forum.

I'm talking with Kaplan but they are rather pricey! So I'm still looking for a alternative...

Cost is a factor too, so provider that is either on the Professional Career and Development Loan Register (so I can apply to my bank for a loan, or one that offers Advance Learner Loans from the SLC would be preferred)

All help/advice appreciated!


  • Savyshopaholic
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    *an alternative... ;)
  • Nick Craggs
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    25 hours a week is on average a lot more than most people have so, it sounds like you have every chance of completing it under a year. When you say "fast track" you can go as fast as you like with any distance learning provider, the speed you go at is down to you.

    It is normal to sign up for one level, study that, then move onto the next level, most people don't study two levels at the same time. Level 4 should naturally flow on from level 3.

    With distance learning you can start anytime so I would have a look to see what providers offer before you make a decision, don't feel you need to sign up ASAP!
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  • Savyshopaholic
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    Thanks Nick, yes I will be completing L3 before starting L4, sorry if that wasn't clear.

    However I do need to sign up for both ASAP because I definitely want to continue with the current AQ2013 syllabus for both levels, which I've been told is only available until the 31st of next month.
  • CeeJaySix
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    Try Premier - worked for me (all 3 levels <12mths) and one of the cheapest.
  • Savyshopaholic
    Savyshopaholic Registered Posts: 6
    CeeJaySix thank you! I'll check them out.
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