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Hello, I am new to the forums.
So Firstly Hi! :)

I achieved my AAT level 4 a few months back and have secured my first job role as an accounts assistant about 5 months ago, I have a quick question for people who have been working as an accounts assistant for a while and have experience in the job role.

Basically I feel I am pretty much a PA. Should this be the case? I do maintain some clients bookkeeping and also reconcile their bank etc on SAGE and use excel spreadsheets regularly and other general duties like that, which I absolutely love doing. However as the days and weeks go by all I seem to be doing is more and more of a PA role.

I am sat at the front of the business and act as a receptionist/first point of call, I take all of the companies phone calls and have to check every call if the FM wants to take the call or not and make up some awful reason why they don't, filing ( I don't actually mind doing this) booking meetings/appointments, rearranging meetings/appointments also maintaining the diaries, preparing letters and posting them at the post office. This morning as soon as the FM walked in the first thing they said to me was "Do I have any appointments today?"

Is this normal for an accounts assistant? I only ask because I have no experience apart from my current job you see, and would like some input.

Many Thanks


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    I believe it is quite common in industry, particularly smaller companies, for accounts staff to also be utilised as general office staff, simply because there isn't sufficient work to justify two full time members of staff but both jobs need doing - certainly my brother was when he started out.

    Now you have that all-important initial experience don't be afraid to look for more accounts-focussed roles, or have a chat with your manager to see if there is more accounting work you can take on.
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