AAT Level 3 quaified working as an ACA/ACCA trainee salary

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Hi, i just wanted to ask that if someone (19 years old) had 'AAT Level 3' and a 'BTEC ED in business' under their belt what kind of pay would they receive if they started working for a medium sized business as an ACA/ACCA trainee.

Also for anyone with experience of a similar situation what is it like working for a medium sized business as a trainee. I know it obviously wouldn't be like working at KPMG or EY, but is it good?

Thank you very much in advance


  • shane.w
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    I work in industry, and looking to study CIMA after AAT. I have just finished level 3- going onto level 4 in September. I started on £16,000, which jumped to £19,000 mid-way through level 3. Expecting to be on £22,000-£24,000 by February.

    My study is also paid for.

    Hopefully this helps!
  • CeeJaySix
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    That more or less follows what I earned in practice studying AAT.
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