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I am currently self studying for my ATT qualification and would be grateful to hear from anyone else who is either in the process of doing ATT or has already completed it.
I have booked my Business Tax exam for November and have now decided to work on completing the computer based examinations, I am finding the Essential Law revision book really hard going and only seem to be able to read a couple of pages and then give up, I just don't seem to be able to motivate myself for this book and wondered how other people have got on with it and how their exam went.
Any feedback and advice would be much appreciated.



  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    The ATT law e-assessment was the worst exam ever! And it's a multiple choice, 1 hour exam!!

    I took it quite a few times before I passed it- compared to passing the written three hour exams first time...

    The only advice I can give, is to keep going. Take the exam as soon as possible after finishing reading the text. It is a memory exam. I think it is because we are accountants not lawyers, that it is so difficult to keep motivated.

    Good luck with it. I don't envy you having to take that one. :)
    B x
  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 162
    Hi BeccaLou

    Thanks for the reply and advice, yes I am going to take the exam as soon as possible as I would just like to see the back of it, at least it is multiple choice so I might get lucky.
    (Never been so bored reading something in my life)

    You said you have passed the written exams did you take a copy of the tax legislation in with you or did you get by without it ?
    I did not realise when I ordered them from Tolley how many books there actually was or how heavy they are!

    Cheers Doug
  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    Definitely get the tax leg to take with you!

    There are some bits that are just too much to remember all the detail for, such as the different share schemes and their conditions. These are all laid out in the leg really well, so as long as you know how to use it, it is definitely a time saver!

    Plus when you need to put legislation references in your answer, it helps to have it there, rather than remember them all!

    You'll need a suitcase to take them to the exams! Be warned! :)

    Good luck
    B x
  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 162
    Thanks BeccaLou for the help and advice
    Have you completed ATT? and if so have you moved on to CTA as that is my plan but I have heard that CTA is a massive step up from ATT.
    Sorry for all the questions it's just that I do not know anyone else who is studying for these qualifications.

    Cheers Doug
  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
    edited August 2016
    Yeh I completed ATT and I have two exams left until I complete CTA.

    There is a group on here called ATT to CTA, I will try and find a link but it's on the left hand side somewhere. <---- There are other ATT/CTAers there! :)

    It is a massive step. The exams are really much harder. But really interesting. Well worth it. I'm hoping to have the last two exams done this November. - I've not taken two at the same time before so should be fun! :)

    See how you get on with ATT, if you breeze through then CTA shouldn't be too much of a leap. You've got to find it interesting otherwise it will become boring and I'd imagine the motivation would leave you, and you definitely need motivation to complete the exams!

    B x
  • BeccaLouJ9BeccaLouJ9 Experienced Mentor DevonFMAAT Posts: 1,022
  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 162
    Hi Becca
    The link worked and I just joined the group thanks for all your help it really is appreciated
    Cheers Doug
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