Study tips - Accounts Preparation - Level 3


I've done "Book-Keeping & Accounting", with the "OU", and now studying AAT level 3 - Accounts preparation. Is there any good sites/books that will help me understand more of this section of AAT?




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    It's difficult to say without knowing what you've already accessed?

    I studied this at a local FE college, where we used the latest BPP books. As they didn't supply the question bank only the textbook I also bought from eBay an earlier copy of the Osbourne AP1 workbook for additional practice.

    There is this discussion.
    One of the links I added from Kaplan has since been shut by them (guess they didn't want to give away free content)

    I also found on youtube a lot of the AP1 syllabus is covered, if not specifically for AAT then most of the ACCA F3 paper covers this in a lot of detail and is largely relevant, I even made a long playlist of these for ACPR
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