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Hi I am going to be joining an accounting course this September. I recently was invited to a taster day to give us an introduction to the course and were given some questions. To work out medium and large it's 15kg divided by 3 and times by medium and large but I do not know how to work out small please help. If small is 70 something it's wrong as my teacher said pleasseeeeeeeeeee help.

The question is
Item I Size I Quantity I Price for each pack
Pck wax I small I 800g I £3.99 for 1 pack
I Mdum I 5kg I £16.50 for 1 pack
I Large I 10kg I £27.75 for 1 pack

Each candle needs 75g of wax

Work out the cheapest way to buy the wax for 200 candles
1kg is 1000g

Show your workings

The cheapest way is to buy the number of packs

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    Guessing you worked out 200 candles requires 15kg of wax, and Large is £2.77 per kg (£27.75 divided by 10), and Medium is £3.30 (£16.50 divided by 5).

    For Small if 800grams is 0.8kg and you know this is £3.99 you have the cost at 80%
    Divide £3.99 by 8 to get 100grams or 10% =£0.49875
    Multiply by 10 = £4.99 rounded to nearest pence


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