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Hi everyone,

I know there are a couple of threads of similar topics but I was wanting to get a more up to date opinion.
I've received my Level 3 certificate and am about to begin studying for Level 4 in September.

My salary is currently at £14,795... To me this does not seem to be enough but I work for a small private firm in Wales and I know this will have an effect on salaries in general.
Where I work seems to base salaries more on experience than qualifications (example... A MAAT accountant is on the same wage as an ACCA qualified soon to be ACA because she has been with the firm for longer!)

I am wanting to ask my boss for a pay rise as I feel I am working to a standard that’s higher than my qualification would suggest (I deal with mainly Ltd companies) and was wanting to find out what other people's salaries are to get an idea of how much I should be aiming for.

Thanks in advance!


  • CeeJaySix
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    Look at the AAT annual survey, then you will have hard facts to back you up.

    Not unusual that once you're in a role salary increases will be based more on experience/ability than qualification - at the end of the day it's your commercial value to your employer that matters, not what letters you have. That said at student level most practices will have (maybe informal) salary bands for each level of study.

    Does sound slightly low though, on the south coast assuming good at your job I would think £18-£20k at Level 3.
  • Slackpants
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    Hi, I'm currently studying AAT level 3 and I work for a small-medium sized manufacturing business as an Assistant Management Accountant in England. My annual salary is £24,200 and I am looking for a rise once I have completed level 4. I am 28 years old so this could be to do with age if you're younger than me?
  • cblakey
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    Hi Slackpants,

    Hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions?

    Was £24,200 your starting salary?
    Did you have any previous experience in accounting?

    I work as a tool setter in manufacturing, studying AAT on the side. The operations manager is aware and doesn't want me to leave, instead he wants me to join the accounts department. Unfortunately, they don't currently have any positions.

  • h0llymay
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    I'm level 3 qualified and my salary is around £10,100!
  • georgeSO
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    I've finished level 3 and am starting level 4 next month and i'm on £14k, so in the same ball park as yourself. Hope this helps! I think main factors determining pay are time in job, age, who pays for training etc
  • Slackpants
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    Hi cblakey

    No, of course not!

    I started at my current job on £23k and that was 2 years ago (in December). I only got a payrise when my boss was sacked and I took on a lot of her work - which lead me to being signed off sick for 5 weeks with stress and anxiety. She was sacked under extreme circumstances and is still being investigated by the police!!

    I have worked within the finance sector for 10 years, as I am now 28. I only started studying 2 years ago though. I think a lot has to do with age, however I believe I am paid due to my experience. I honestly cannot believe how little some people are paid for being as qualified, if not more, as me!
  • Hayleybubs
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    These figure all seem low, I worked as an junior account manager which was more customer service with some costing and credit control and I was on 24k a year when I was 23! I expect to earn at least £25k+ once I return to work after completing level 3.....
  • rakeshsuwal
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    Lucky you. Can't find any accounting roles yet and I am 28 finished level 3.
  • Saj
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    I am 20 and haven't finished my level 3 and I am on 25K. It is more down to experience than a piece off paper saying you are qualified.
  • MindTheGAAP
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    Salaries in practice are general a bit lower than in industry, so it might also be worth bearing that in mind.
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