ACPR Exam prep!

sarahbxsarahbx Posts: 5Registered
I'm resitting my ACPR exam for the 3rd time tomorrow - anyone got any tips?! I REALLY need to pass it this time!



  • sarahbxsarahbx Posts: 5Registered
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    Please help!!!
  • AliceHenley93AliceHenley93 Posts: 15Registered
    How did you do? I have mine tomorrow!
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    I passed my ACPR exam on the third go. It was a nightmare! I just couldn't get along with the unit, each time I thought I got the hang of something, I hadn't, so to pass it even the third try was a miracle. Hope all went ok :-)
  • AliceHenley93AliceHenley93 Posts: 15Registered
    Hi holly I've just passed! So happy I never have to sit that again! X
  • h0llymayh0llymay Posts: 24Registered
    Well done you!! What's the next one?xx
  • sarahbxsarahbx Posts: 5Registered
    I failed again! Even worse results to last time! Don't know where I'm going wrong because I'm getting it in class! X
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    sarahbx said:

    Don't know where I'm going wrong

    Do the mocks online, do each section and then compare your answer to the answer book. If 100% correct then move on to the next section until you've got a list of your weaknesses.

    Then study as much as you can until you can explain the subject back to yourself.
    Once happy try the second mock and hopefully it will say competent.

    You need to pin point your weaknesses, I found the hardest part of studying is actually finding where to begin.

    Good luck!

  • h0llymayh0llymay Posts: 24Registered
    Sarah, I was exactly the same. Have you done the e-learning practice assessments and greenlight?x
  • MohsinMohsin Posts: 1Registered
    Hi All
    Please use AQ (2010) exam papers to pass Accounts Prep. These papers are available in past papers area.
    Best of Luck.

    Course Manager
    AAT Satafford College
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