Study Buddy - I need to get motivated!

Hi everyone,

I have just started level 3 and I am finding it hard to get motivated. I finished my degree in finance and law two years ago and I have been in work ever since, however I am finding it hard to get myself back into the routing of studying.

It would be brilliant to find somebody based in the Bournemouth area who I could plan some study sessions with, although if anyone would be interested in being online (email) study buddies, that would be fantastic too!

I am 23 years old and I am working as the assistant to the finance manager of an agricultural company based in Ringwood - working full time and really finding it difficult to get my head in the books after a long day at work!

Does anyone have any advice on how I can stick to a study plan? I am hoping if I could communicate with somebody in the same position, it will make me feel more motivated!


  • PolarisDyas
    PolarisDyas Registered Posts: 24

    I've just finished my final exam in Level 3 (waiting for the result) but I'd be more than happy to help you in your studies. I love helping and teaching people so if you would like help please contact me on skype @ polaristherandom or message me here.


  • bekseko
    bekseko Registered Posts: 1
    Not near Bournemouth, but in a similar situation of working full time then trying to find the motivation to study.
    I don't know anyone else in a similar situation at the moment so if you're still looking for anyone to help motivated I'd like to!
  • bondjamesbond
    bondjamesbond Registered Posts: 1

    I am looking for motivation also :)
    But I live in north west (Alsager )

    I just started my first ever distance learning with Kaplan AAT LEVEL 3.

  • charlottemcclair
    charlottemcclair Registered Posts: 27

    I find it helpful to just get stuck in a few nights a week after work because as soon as you start its not bad its just the thought of it, it needs to become part of your routine just as much as going to work is
  • aydiv
    aydiv Registered Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    I am doing AAT level 3 too , distance learning with Premier Training. Passed PETH a few weeks ago and have started with Indirect tax next.

    Anyone else doing Indirect tax?
  • nclifton88
    nclifton88 Registered Posts: 1
    Completely the same but in Wiltshire. I desperately need help, our tutor is not great and my whole class is struggling! Need to pass but can already see a massive fail and were only on advanced diploma in book keeping.

    I did level 2 4 years ago so am completely starting a new (or that's what it feels like)

    I am doing indirect tax though and I understand that.

  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    Hey Guys, I started level 4 couple of weeks ago. I study in college, part time basis, only 2 evenings. With my experience, I suggest trying 2 evenings of study with 2 days gap in between. If you can give about 2.5 hrs of study or 3 hrs with short break in the middle you can easy your study. Add other 2 days to practice and revise, will help a lot. I passed all in 1 go. I hope you have a video tution to help you understand the topic and study.
  • rakeshsuwal
    rakeshsuwal Registered Posts: 79
    I couldn't do distant or online study as I have 2 kids and was difficult to study at home and wasted £800 couple of years ago.
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