Starting self employment after Qualifying with AAT

Hi Everyone,

I've recently qualified as an AAT member and now applying for the AAT license as I'm going self employed. The Franchise I've invested in offer full comprehensive training to become a fully trained owner of the business offering bookkeeping, administration and PA services to SME clients. The company can offer specialized roles who have studied in specific fields, in my case being accountancy/bookkeeping, and can work with more clients that require bookkeeping support. However, my level of experience in bookkeeping is only basic and have only worked a few years of doing simple bookkeeping work such as balancing books rather than using accountancy softwares. I've worked longer as an administrator in my previous job roles so feel more equipped to offer admin services to clients. Although I've worked on Sage for only a short while, I'm currently taking a Quickbooks course to familiarize with the accountancy programs which is going well.

It would be very helpful if you could share your own thoughts or views if I should be offering bookkeeping services or would this depend on the level of bookkeeping work/tasks required by the client?

I probably lack some confidence too as starting my own business at 23 and having not done a lot of bookkeeping work but feel very excited to begin the new venture!

Many Thanks
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