Is there a problem with the AAT website? Can't access the practice assessments!!!



  • KENKEN Posts: 3Registered
    I have the same problem, and my assessment results and statement of achievement pages are blank. Plus I have received 2 emails from AAT today, thanking me for registering as a student - for Level 2 (which I passed earlier this year) and for Level 3 which I have partially completed.
  • AngeliqueRileyAngeliqueRiley Posts: 2Registered
    Yes I have the same problem with the assessments results page too. It seems the website looks different and isn't working like usual. Thanks for your reply. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully it will be working again very soon.
  • ReedyReedy Posts: 1Registered
    I am having the same problem no access to results and training materials either.
  • CarolineBCarolineB Posts: 1Registered
    The problem is not yet fixed as I have just tried to access the training materials and came on here to see if it was a general issue or my computer.
  • rSpurrellrSpurrell Posts: 6Registered
    its still broken as of today
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Posts: 520Administrator
    Hi all, we're very sorry about the issues at the weekend, these should be fixed now. Thanks
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