AAT Study Support not working?

Chelsea94 Registered Posts: 2
Hi guys today i went to go on to the study support section for the level 2 and 3, i went to open up a topic and it wouldnt open it or display anything else..

anyone else having these problems? or know how to solve it?



  • Henna
    Henna Registered Posts: 10
    hi, i had the same problem. just search in what you want for example 'accounts preparation 2013 sample assessment' and it should work. Even just searching the unit, it comes up with everything that was there prior it just doesn't let you open it via the study support link for some reason.
  • Chelsea94
    Chelsea94 Registered Posts: 2
    Still not loading any of the study support. When I click on the boxes it just turns black and doesn't actually open anything up, I don't know why this is happening. Can't access any of the tests or the study material.
  • House
    House Registered Posts: 1
    Hi - am having same problem this morning. Not good this. I've an exam in a week and want to start practising. Sounds like this happens fairly frequently. Hope it comes back soon.
  • Henna
    Henna Registered Posts: 10
    Hello, I used this last night and it did turn black and not load anything but if you use the search bar it lets you access everything. You need to search in the unit. It will come up with the 2016 ones first and if you keep going down you will find the 2013 sample assessments. They might be under questions 1 or questions 2. They are still there but it just doesn't seem to let you on when you go on the study support link. The answers to the assessment are there aswell just on a seperate link.
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