ISYS Feedback from Formative Guidance Meeting and Interviews - Help!


I am just about to submit my ISYS report, and I have noticed (probably should have noticed earlier!) that it's asking for feedback from formative guidance meetings and interviews to be uploaded with my project and mapping document.

I've met three times with my tutor since starting my project in July, but these were fairly informal meetings where verbal feedback was provided, so I have nothing in writing.

Am I able to upload without evidence of meetings? Or will this penalise me in some way? I would imagine not as those doing distance learning would be disadvantaged in that respect, but would like some confirmation rather than just my own assumptions.

Thanks in advance


  • AAT_Team
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    Hello @MojoJojo83 - You need to check this with your training provider as it’s a possibility that they have already kept logs of your informal meetings and interviews. As this is marked by your training provider they are in a better position to advise.
  • Mike Webster
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    Why not include a brief 'log' document which states when you met, with whom, what was discussed and what you did as a result of this discussion? I am sure you will have made some brief notes during each session.
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • zebra246
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    Definitely check with your training provider. They are trained as internal verifiers to advise students on the requirements of the unit. Anonymous internet forum advice may be well-intentioned but is not verifiable or reliable and could be from uninformed sources (like me!). I have just asked my training provider the same question as I going to upload my report this week. I will be glad to send it permanently on its way. Farewell report, I hope we never meet again.
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