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Hi There

I need to start my report but can't find any information on where to get the case study.

I'm self studying so do I need to pay for the exam/project to get a access code?

Any help on this would be great.

Kind regards



  • AAT_Team
    AAT_Team Administrator Posts: 605 ? Admin ?
    Hi @Jake_25 - you need to purchase the project from a training provider who sells modules individually like BPP, Kaplan, First Intuition. They give you the case study and they assess your report.
  • nanatabara
    nanatabara Registered Posts: 1
    i need some help how to choose the theme if in the chic paint LTD already say what to do ,,, sorry i ma confuse, don't know how to start. someone out there done CHIC PAints LTD could help..
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