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Hi everyone

I would like to ask a question regarding the project for level 4 internal control and accounting systems. I am almost done with it however I am bit lost in regards of questions 5 and 6 about ethics and sustainability. My report is based on credit control function and I am not sure if these two question need to about this specific function or the accounts organisation as whole?

Can someone please help?

Thank you so much.


  • RosieJane
    RosieJane Registered Posts: 35
    I have just started my project plan :)

    The prompts I have for ethics and sustainability are as follows:

    Conduct an ethical evaluation of the accounting systems under review and Ethical practice across the company identifying the fundamental principles that are being breached

    Evaluate the company against Sustainable Principles and Corporate Social Responsibility

    I think I would refer to both the specific function as well as the whole company.
  • caroline23
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    I am also doing my project on credit control. I cannot find anything unethical in credit control and the only sustainability I can see in my case study is about not recycling so I am just going to write it generally rather than focus on the specific accounting function. The post above says 'across the company' so think that it is more broad.

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