Is AAT the best route to accountancy?

Hi all, new member on here so apologies if I ask any stupid questions.

I'm 31 and want to become an accountant. I currently work for a car finance broker and only have GCSE qualifications so am wondering what the best route into this field would be? I would obviously, in time, like to become fully qualified so can somebody please outline the process and timelines if at all possible?

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  • Nick Craggs
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    I would say yes. If you go to or other similar job websites, search for trainee accountant, or accounts assistant, you will see the vast majority of them are looking for the AAT qualification. That isnt to say that it is the only route into accountancy.
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  • mike_chandler
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    Thanks :). So if I do the AAT to level 4 and then my ACCA exams then as I understand it I would be fully qualified at that point? Thanks.
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