Sage 50 Accounts - Year End help/advise

We have recently migrated to Sage 50 accounts and are trying to run year end for the first time - We have 3 months worth of data up to year end date and 6 months after. So far the process has been run successfully for our smaller company but I am having problems with our larger company. It was first started and left overnight to run and appeared to have crashed, ie task manager was showing performance at 1%.

After speaking with Sage we started the process again and this was left to run its course again, this time over the weekend. This morning, still we have no progress and the system seems to have crashed/hung again.

I have set it going again after re-indexing and compressing. This time task manager is showing some periods of activity but nowhere near as consistent as the guy from Sage said to expect and is running at 1-2% the majority of the time.

Has anyone had similar experiences or know how I can fix this?


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