Level 4: Study AQ2016, sit AQ2013 exams.

Hi, so first time posting on this forum.

I'm halfway through level 4 having completed Financial Statements, Personal Tax and the ISYS project.

I'm remaining on the 2013 syllabus, as this makes sense as the ISYS project won't transfer across. I wanted to continue to study in class to finish my remaining three modules, however most centres only do AQ2016 courses near me now. They have suggested I do the 2016 course but then enter for the 2013 exam. I've confirmed with AAT that it's ok to do that, but they said there's a risk involved as there are differences in the syllabus.

I wanted to ask if anyone else was persuing this option?


  • zippi
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    You could always study long distance learning either with Kaplan or similar others. Alternatively if you are in the Midlands, I could forward you a company that teaches classes.
  • BenA
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    You may be in a different position now but I thought I would provide you with my input.

    As you have passed arguably the 3 hardest exams on level 4 I think self-teaching could be a real option for you.

    I studied level 4 with a local college but never took the Business Tax or the Fin. Statement exams before the end of the year. As I did not want to pay for the tuition again I decided to self-teach these two modules. I passed these two exams the first time.

    I am also considering doing this for CIMA.

    Best of luck!!
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