Self employment, no association member

krixkrix Posts: 19Registered
Hello, everybody!

Is it right I can set up my own practice without being a member of any association? Instead, I am registering with HMRC and obtaining all the necessary licenses.
Does having an AATQB certificate restricts you off all of the above I mentioned?
I understand that you are not allowed to mention AAT if you do not keep their licence. Am I allowed to say that I am AAT qualified?

Thanks in advance.


  • RosieNCRosieNC Posts: 17Registered
    Not sure about Aat ab but if you are a student member I know you can't refer to being an Aat member, but can say you have the qualifications (I've whichever level you have passed).

    To set up business you would need to register with hmrc as a sole trader and also register for Mlr
  • krixkrix Posts: 19Registered
    Thanks Rosie!
  • RosieNCRosieNC Posts: 17Registered
    If you have AATQB certificate, I think Aat covers you under the money laundering regs, so you wouldn't need to register with hmrc for Mlr in that case
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