US and UK Company working within the same company in Sage Mas 100

Hi all,

My organization is odd in that we have two separate companies, in two different countries (US and UK) acting as one organization. We want to work as one organization when it comes to GL Software, but we have to be able to parse out the information for our respective Taxing authorities. Since the US company already has Mas 100 licenses, my thought was to add the UK company on with a different location code. I could then use this location code to parse out information when submitting tax returns but be able to run the organization as one company, with regard to Backlog reports, AR, AP, WIP Reports, Inventory on Hand, etc. At the same time, Revenue, Expenses, Fixed Assets, and Inventory would all have to be able to be identified by location. Has anyone done anything like this? I'd appreciate any insight!
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