First year of trading o a sole trader

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Hi there. I have been asked to do the accounts for a family member. He use to be in partnership with his father however they decided to part ways last year. My question is in the first half of the year he was still buying materials under the old partnership company name. I can prove they have come out of his new business account but am I allowed to use them even though they have the old companies name on the invoices together with his full name?
Thanks in advance.


  • vivfry84vivfry84 Settling In Nicely Posts: 38Registered
    No just a standard partnership between father and son.
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    .... @mrme89 uhoh, be nice now :)
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    Is the business VAT registered?
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    Hi all. Thank you so much for your help. He will need to register very soon for vat as he is almost there. I have told him to change over the details. I can prove most of them he did pay for from us bank but the cash Invoices may be a little harder (even though he did pay for them)
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