How many hours study are you putting in a week?

Title of the thread says it all. I am doing between 6 and 8 hours, I'm thinking this isn't enough. What is everyone else averaging?


  • Adele69
    Adele69 Registered Posts: 320
    Depends how much of the course content you already know from work experience? Everyone is going to be different. I think I did about 7 hours a week at level 2 and around 11 hours a week at level 3 during term times. I passed all exams first attempt and work indirectly in finance (Oracle support)
  • charlottemcclair
    charlottemcclair Registered Posts: 27
    7 hours at training provider and 3 hours at home so 10 hours in total
  • The_Bookkeeper8545
    The_Bookkeeper8545 Registered Posts: 4
    About 2 hours a day, a bit more when I'm not working!
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