Additonal 3% stamp duty for 2nd property

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Hi, I am about to purchase a house to live in and let my existing property. There seems to be conflicting advice on the net and HMRC website about whether the additional 3% stamp duty is payable under these circumstances.
I.e. I know if I bought a second property to let, the 3% is definitely payable but I am not sure if this applies to the purchase of a home to live in.
I would be very grateful for any advice. Thank you


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    HMRC guidance here

    Chapter 8 - Q&A - Q1

    Q1. I am purchasing a new main residence but intend to retain my current main residence, convert it to a buy-to-let mortgage and rent it out. Will I have to pay the higher rates of SDLT on the purchase of my new main residence?
    A1. Yes, the higher rates will apply as following the purchase you will own an additional residential property. However, if you sell your previous home within 3 years of the purchase of the new one you will be able to claim a refund from HMRC.
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    Thank you - that is very helpful
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