Rumours true about possible exemption for ACCA F6?

KoopaCooper MAAT, AATQB Posts: 226
I'm currently taking AAT Level 4, passed one paper so far and sat others (awaiting my results), so I'm just starting to think ahead on my next step, registering to take up ACCA.

Now, I know the complete AAT qualification affords exemptions to ACCA papers F1, F2, and F3....but both my level 4 tutors have told me that they've heard rumours about level 4 students possibly being granted an exemption to F6 as well if they take BTAX and PTAX as their level 4 options (which is what I'd actually already signed up for).

So, does anybody know if there is any truth in this rumour, and if so if anything has yet been decided? I'd just like to know now if I can look forward to receiving a fourth exemption when I'm ready to register for ACCA (probably something like next April/May).

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