Self Study - how many exams?

Hey everyone, I'm looking at studying my aat level 2 from home with no training provider and I'm just trying to find the cheapest option so If I bought the books second hand from ebay etc how many exams are there? Is it 1 per section so 5 altogether? Do you have to complete the course within a certain amount of time from initially starting it? Thanks in advance


  • BenA
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    Hi, Self-studying would be the cheapest option by far. If you are self-motivated, in my opinion only, there is no reason why you cannot study in this manner.It appears there are still just 5 modules on Level 2 which are Basic Costing, Computerised Accounting, Work Effectively in Accounting and Finance, Processing Bookkeeping Transactions and Control Accounts, Journals and the Banking System. Once you become a member you will be able to confirm this on the "MyAAT" section of the website. Using greenlight and other learning resources on MyAAT will also be a great benefit to you. I used a training provider for all levels but I had two exams after level 4 which I did not get round to taking so I took them at While studying I used Osborne Books for level 2 and 3 and used BPP for Level 4 as these were recommended by my training provider. Kaplan are also popular for learning material. Links for the three sites are below
    Kaplan -
    BPP -
    Osborne -

    Each of these sites offer several books for each module on each level. I would highly recommend you purchase the standard study text and the question bank, it may also be worth purchasing the pocket books too but these are not essential unlike the other two books.

    When purchasing these books it may be worth looking on these sites to see which books you want and then purchasing used ones from ebay as most people purchase these books but never use them (but some pilot frixion pens too!! they are great for using in the books (you'll know what I mean when you use them)).

    I believe you have 3 years to pass each level as the standards change over this period.

    You may have issues with self-learning on Level 2 with Computerised accounting as you need to use sage in the exam, unless you have sage you will not be able to practice.

    I really hope this helps and good luck!
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    Thank you for all your information. I have recently purchased the level 2,3 & 4 from ebay. They were an absolute bargain under £20 for all 3 levels. I understand the syllabus is changing but my book are still valid til December 2017. I use sage at work so computerised accounts Im hoping should be OK.
    I read somewhere on here that to do the computerised accounts exam you need to go through a training provider for the learning. Is that the case?
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