FNST help changes equity calculation

Hi everyone. I wonder if someone can help me as I am stuck. I cannot get the statement of financial position to balance.
The figures as follows:
Share capital consists of ordinary shares with the a nominal value of 50p per share.
Interest on debentures not paid.
Land been revalued at £2500
Audit Fee is £250
Allowance for doubtful debts at 1% needs to be created
Inventories were valued at £5500, within this figure, the inventories valued at cost £450 that had net realisable value of £250
Final dividend is 3p per share for 31.12.11 and interim 1p per share. for the current year. The proposed final dividend for 31.12.12 is 2.5 per share.
Distribution cost 7200
admin expenses 5100
retained earnings 6000
trade and other recivables 6200
trade and other payables 7100
cash and cash equivalents 250
inventoris at 1st Jan 2012 4900
Issued share capital 4500
share premium 1125
revenue 40500
purchases 24765
interest 200
dividents paid 360
dividents received 500

8% debentures 5000
10% long term loan 2000
Non-current investment 5000
Land at cost 2000
Property at cost 5000
Plant and machinery at cost 4000
Fixtures and Fittings at cost2000
Motor vans at cost 2500
Computers at cost 1500
Property depriciation 500
Plant and machinery depriciation 1500
Fixtures & Fittings depriciation 500
Motor vans depriciation 1250
Computers depriciation 500
70975 70975
Please can anyone help me with the changes in equity calculation. I cant see what I am doing wrong. Thank you
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