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Hi All

I am currently studying Level 4 and work in an Accounts Junior position for a small private company. I have 4 exams left of Level 4 and I am aiming to finish around July/August time. A colleague of mine has started CIMA and has preached that it really isn't something worth doing if your heart really isn't in it, and at the present I really don't think my heart is... I am extremely eager and determined to finish Level 4, it's just what I do after that. I have been studying for approx. 2 and a half years now since starting Level 2 and I feel I am ready for a rest.

Potentially there could be a relocation on the cards next year too which also throws a spanner in the works!!

I love working in accounts, but I also rather like admin and working in rural environments; Farms, shoots ect.

Would it be worth getting the end of Level 4 applying for MAAT and then having a break and possibly doing a Payroll course or something similar?

I just feel it will really be a waste of time and money starting CIMA or ACCA when my heart really isn't in becoming say a management accountant or something similar.

Let me know your thoughts.....

Thanks in advance :)



  • CeeJaySix
    CeeJaySix Registered Posts: 645
    No rush to move onto the next qualification - you may find you never need it. Finish AAT, work out what you want to do, then see if the next level of qualification is relevant/required.
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