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Gemwor FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 21
Hi everyone,

Looking to apply to be a licenced member very soon. Would like to offer bookkeeping services with a few accounting services e.g. Payroll, income tax. The practice management experience section is my problem on the accountant licence application. I have industry and third sector experience and not practice. however, one of my jobs in the third sector was contract management - putting grant agreements in place and also handling/reporting beneficiary data. Would any of this count? particularly thinking of data protection

Otherwise my experience would be pure cpd so I would have to apply for bookkeeper licence for a bit to get around it.

Also, does anyone know what the process is if I applied and was rejected on this basis. Would AAT tell you why it was rejected so you know which areas to work on before applying again?

Thanks in advance

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