difference between 2014/2015 to 2016 books?

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Hi all, can somebody tell me what's the differences 20114 to 2016 books. I know AAT is constantly changing and upgrading books to meet currant standards but can I use 2014 or 15 books to pass current syllabus?


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    HI fahi1,

    Can we have a little more information? What level of AAT are you referring to and also what book publisher are you planning on using?

    There are some noticeable changes (I have access to Osbourne Books) and the old standards/new standards can have very different page numbers which can be awkward if you have students on different standards in your class!

    In general, most of the question/scenarios remain the same. But obviously I have noticed certain elements such as the discount received/allowed day books and the removal of the three column cash book, which is now a two column cash book!

    So, in short, you could probably get away with it, but there may be some elements on the current syllabus that you may not be familiar with if you choose to use the older books.

    If you are studying level 2, I have a AQ2013 - AQ2016 content changes comparison table that I have found useful and I can provide you a copy.


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    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for responding. I am actually referring to level 4 at this stage but would help if I know about all in general?
    What are the elements do you recon I would miss out from older books please? Would it be possible if you send me the changes comparison table?

    I am really confused
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