Four times!? I felt confident in all my re-sits. I believe that it must be a computer error and not mine. Also I found that the reference materials are very sly as well as the way some questions are worded.

Any ideas? What should I do next? Appeal? Is that worth it?



  • N4T
    N4T Registered Posts: 191
    So sorry to hear that. I don't know what to advise you. It may be the way they distribute the marks giving a particular answer more weighting? I passed but I received borderline or a very low pass on what I thought should have been a very easy question. I thought at the time there may have been information missing on the assessment but then put it down to me not reading the question properly.

    Would they provide you with a detailed marking of your assessment? It may be worth a try at least you then know if you have been approaching this unit wrong, which can sometimes happen if you are a self studier. I would contact AAT for further information.

    Good luck.
  • Henna
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    I had to re sit this exam, so i kind of have an idea of where you could be going wrong. One thing i forgot to do is make sure to round box 6 to 9. Its so easy to lose marks by not doing this as every answer is worth around two marks, you only have 18 marks to lose which is only around 6 answers. These boxes are whole pounds only which it fails to mention. Another place i realised i went wrong is where they ask you to calculate vat as part of an included figure (you divide by 120 then X 20) to calculate VAT when it is already included (depending on rate of VAT). They dont make it particularly clear VAT is included so you have to read the questions very carefully! Also i realised on the exam that they include the purchase return or sales returns in the accounts which you have to deduct from the final figure (you use the bal c/d figure), in all the practice assessments i completed including the workbook this was never used as an example which was confusing. That's all the help i can offer you unfortunately as its where i went wrong and even then i missed out on a few marks as i got met on all and significantly below on one. im still unsure of where i went wrong in those questions, just glad i passed on my second attempt. Hope this helps!
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