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lalebuck Registered Posts: 7
Hi , I am self studying AAT level 2 through Osborne books and I am abit confused on how I can get the Sage software and whether i should get sage50 or sage one ?I am hoping that someone could help me about this.


  • N4T
    N4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    Try Amazon or Ebay. You can't buy the CD version on Sage's website anymore as they no longer support it. I'm not familiar with Sage One, probably just a new name.

    Search for Sage Instant - its a bit more basic than Sage 50 but is sufficient for Level 2. It'll look slightly different than Sage 50 but do the basic things. Amazon is selling it for £155 but if you want you can pay a bit more for Sage 50.

    When I paid for a distance learning course with Kaplan many years ago they sent me a Sage Instant CD.
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