Hello guys, is there anyone who has completed ISYS analyzing Accounts Receivables of Chic paints ltd? I am kind of confused when it comes to completing recommendations, do I recommend only on what to do in Accounts receivable or I recommend on the whole accounting system? I am an external student so most of my work I do at home and just send drafts to the lecturer at my training provider, he hardly answers when I ask for help. I hope one of you can help.

thank you.

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  • LynVal87
    LynVal87 Registered Posts: 3
    hey Doug,
    Thanx for your reply..i met with him today and i managed to ask him, he also mentioned that i could recommend on anything affecting the accounting dept because these departments interrelate on day to day now m sure i can go ahead with it since you also confirmed ok of what he said.

    Many thanx, Lyn
  • diogomiranda
    diogomiranda Registered Posts: 2
    Hey guys. Hope all of you are ok. I have a question. I am an external student, I study by the books and I do my exams. How does it work this project? How do I get a tutor?
  • douglasstroud
    douglasstroud Registered Posts: 295 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    You need to get a training provider for this module who will then download the project for you through the AAT

  • LynVal87
    LynVal87 Registered Posts: 3
    Hi Diogo,

    Just like Douglas has mentioned you need a training provider to help with this ISYS module, you cannot do it alone compared to other modules, you need to pay the training provide for them to download assessment book for you and a mapping document, then they give you a keycode which you will use to upload your final project. the training provider will also provide you with an assessor who will mark your project according to AAT standards before uploading.

    Hope that helps. I have just finished my project. :)
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