Cant get a job after AAT Level 4

Hi everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone else apart from me, is finding it difficult getting a job. I would like to get some feedback. I have completed AAT Level 4 in January 2016, I have applied for several jobs I have had three interviews. These are jobs that don't need any qualifications and which I could easily do. Yet I was still unsuccessful. My last job was a Accounts/Finance Clerk, I did that for a number of years, so I have experience. I had taken a few years out to study and raise a family. It is really frustrating to be just applying and not getting any where, I have posted my CV on a Recruitment agency and only one employer looked at it. Is it really worth posting CV's anymore?Does anyone know of any good Recruitment Agencies in the Northamptonshire area? I am thinking of registering with another one in the new year hoping that I will get something. Let me know your thoughts.


  • Christina
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    Hi leption. Congratulations on completing the course!

    There are quite a few threads on here covering this and giving tips on finding work. I suggest physically going in and registering with all the agencies in your area. There are a few specialists too like Robert Half and Reed Accountancy, which may have branches in your area.

    I was 'between jobs' for over a year, but I wasn't avidly looking for all of that time.

    Good luck.
  • leption
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    Thank you, I plan to register with Reed and another one. I should have registered before my course finished I think.
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