recognition of prior learning

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Hi All,

Please can someone explain the grading structure with AQ2016 Exams?

I have just got my MABU (L4 Budgeting exam back) and it says 70% but on the information percentage bit at the top it says that you can only get 70% if you have got recognition of prior learning




  • rakeshsuwal
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    I would suggest to email AAT for more info. I would like to follow on this if you don't mind. I just sat mine MABU today and do not feel happy with my answers. :/
    I am sure there is nothing to worry about in your result and it's 70%, which is passmark. :)
  • CeeJaySix
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    Not an official answer, but I think you're reading it the wrong way. Now you get a 'proper' mark rather than just pass/fail, all it's saying is that if you are exempt from an exam via RPL you will only be awarded 70%. It just so happens you have done exactly the right amount of work and scraped the pass at 70%.
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