AAT Level 4 AQ2016

Hi, guys I am about to finish level 3 (completed the level 2) so I have enrolled on level 4 as well.
I have left PETH and spreadsheet of the level 3. I failed once the ethics because I didn`t gave straight answers I outlined them. All of them!
So I was wondering if anybody have Level 4 PDF ebooks for me. I have the level 2 and 3 I have the Osborne account so I can read them on my tablet but I always need internet.
Also if anybody have done the synoptic assessment in level 4 and could share some experience with it would be appreciated, truly.


  • tebbie
    tebbie Registered Posts: 4
    Hey, sorry cant help. but i am interested in having the osborne account and i wanted to know how you got one..
  • ShortASSET
    ShortASSET Registered Posts: 21
    MY provider gave me my log in account information which cannot be passed over. But I do recommend this provider! Why? Because their prices are so great.
    I started with Home Learning College and paid around 3k GBP for the AAT level 2/3.
    For level 4 they gave me a deal of 2k quid.
    I thought it was a good price but to be sure I searched a little more on the net and found first the Babinton group they offered me a price for 1k excluding registration fees and exam fees.
    I kept searching more and more and I found Premier Training. What a luck because on black friday they gave me a deal with out registration fee, exams fee, or hard copy of my books for (hold tight) 326 GBP. Yeah and I told them I have to finish my level 3 this two exams before I can start. They told me that`s fine.
    They also told me the support is for 1 year but if I keep studying and progressing they always be there for me, unlike the Home Learning College which even during my membership with them ignored my requests.
    They are horrible, last time I tried to schedule my exam PETH with them they didn`t respond so I missed two dates. (I am in Malta) the date I arranged with the local AAT provider they forgot to schedule my exams with the AAT now again so I found out that the exam is due on the same day I luckily managed to call the provider.
    Because if I miss the exam here they charge an other 50 Euro on top of the 91 Euro I have to pay (which later being reimbursed by the Home Learning College).
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