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I've just picked up a new client which is currently giving me two headaches:

1. The client wants to punch his previous accountant!

2. The previous accountant made a complete mess off his self assessment last year, I did a rough estimate and calculated that he's about £17k understated on his turnover. I've sent him a request for information which has been ignored and three reminder emails to ask for the information. HMRC have given the client until 23rd Dec to provide an explanation as to why his turnover is so low when they compared it to their CIS records.

My current thinking is to actually re-do and then resubmit the self-assessment instead of waiting for the information, that way I will can make a case with my figures as against something I don't have a breakdown for.

Anyone any suggestions before I scrub the lot and re-do his return.


PS - Can't find him listed on any of the organisations members in practice list so don't even know if he's got PI.


  • Beckster
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    Hi, I am relatively new to this ( not accounts - too many years but only recently set up on my own), but I have come across this a couple of times already. I would be inclined to re do the return and resubmit, it could be quicker than trying to unpick what has already been done to make it correct, and you will be confident that it is correct.

    He probably isn't licensed or insured (or know what he is doing), sadly there are too many about.

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