Indirect Tax AQ2013 Assessments?

AngelDust Registered Posts: 30
Hi all,

Anyone reading this sat the ITAX exam in either 2013, 2014 or 2015? All the sample assessments uploaded on the AAT study support section are all near identical in questions so I wondered if this was a technical fault or if it means there's simply not much variance with the exam? If the latter then great, easier for me. But if not, knowing my luck when I sit my exam the questions will be dramatically different and I don't have the resources to vary my studying...!

Thanks in advance!


  • jordanfisher
    jordanfisher Registered Posts: 9
    Hey, not sure if you've taken the exam yet! The layout is the same but I would say the AAT practise exams are easier! Because of this I focused on studying what was relevant to them! I have just passed, not sure how! If you nail the return I wouldn't worry
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