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I was just wondering if the annual conference is worth going to? I am a new Licenced Accountant ( too many years accounting experience, but recently took the plunge to go on my own!) I have been to the Training Provider conference a couple of times ( I teach AAT part-time) and have mixed thoughts about how useful that is. My gut feeling is it will be helpful however as a new business it is quite a large financial outlay.

I would welcome peoples thoughts.

Hope all have had a good Christmas.

Many thanks.



  • StefHo
    StefHo Registered Posts: 11
    Hello Becks,
    I am a newbie and this will be my first but I believe there will be a lot of info to be gained from attending.

    I have just gained my licence and am also just starting up.

    Will like to keep in touch

    Stef Ho
    HoKa Accountancy Services
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