Started studying level 2, is it worth applying for and what kind of jobs??

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I have always worked in warehousing, started my aat level 2 in sept, I'm hoping to get job within accounting As soon as but as I'm 33 with no experience how hard would it be to get a job at my age??
I was also thinking of doing this year then starting access course next year doing first year in business then going uni after that or would I be wasting my time? Any advice would be appreciated thanks

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  • N4T
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    I missed the 1 year Access course you are planning. The access course will not help you find a job but is a way to get onto a degree course. The time spent completing L3 will be more valuable for your job aspect than the access course.
  • Bertie
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    Stick with the AAT route.

    When you get a position, begin studying ACCA. After completing F9 (I'm almost certain) you can complete the ACCA Degree.

    Or complete CIMA and go on to achieve a Masters.

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