Financial Statements 2016 for Sale - Brand New (FI)

Hello, I'm selling the course pack Financial Statements with First Intuition 2016, brand new, hasn't been opened from the pack, it comes with a notepad and markers. Price £25 plus postage. Thank you.


  • hamid0066
    hamid0066 Registered Posts: 8
    hello Marchella
    I am interested in your offer so please could you get in touch with me I have some further information i want to know them
    here my tel number 07735206163

  • hamid0066
    hamid0066 Registered Posts: 8
    Hello every one
    I am interested in the first intuition AAT books Level 3 2016 schem Please any one have them you are wellcome to get in touch

    With Regards
  • Marchella
    Marchella Registered Posts: 5
    Hi.. I don't have level 3 books anymore. and I've sold the one I was advertising. Sorry.
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