Hi , I am self studying towards the CPAG exam sitting
How you could change or delete the entry on Sage one ?
I have entered the credit note as an invoice which affected the Sales Day Book report results and I dont know how I can correct it...
Read the help section but I have no clue on what i should do .


  • knightyo
    knightyo Registered Posts: 27
    Hi lalebuck,

    You can void a Sales Credit Note in Sage one, if I remember rightly. But you need to be careful with the VAT element on it. Or you can create a Sales Credit note against the invoice you have generated. To do that you need to go to:

    Sales > Sales Invoices > click the invoice you want to credit
    More > Create Credit Note
    Put the details of your credit note in and then Save

    This should correct your Sales Day Book. I'm not an expert on Sage One so there may be others who know a lot more who can answer this.

    Good luck!

  • lalebuck
    lalebuck Registered Posts: 7
    Thank so much , I know corrected the Sales Day Book report... If i do this during my exam ( like entering the information incorrectly and then writing it off with correct entry , would it affect my results ?)
  • knightyo
    knightyo Registered Posts: 27
    Hi Lalebuck,

    I have no idea about that I'm afraid. Maybe someone else on here knows? But I would've thought that knowing you have made a mistake and showing you know how to correct that mistake, would be taken into consideration.

    Good luck with everything and don't panic!

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