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Need some advice

Hi I'm doing Aat level 3 AQ 2013.last week I had exam of indirect tax.but in exam they gave finance act 2016.but my tutor taught me finance act 2015.i failed when I asked my tutor the difference between the two finance act 2015 and 2016 she told me there is not much difference.just want to ask if I'm doing AQ 2013 do I have to give exam of indirect tax finance act 2016.any advice thanx


  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    Hi, there will be some differences between FA2015 and FA2016. Most of the changes will be available to you during the exam within the reference guide. For example the threshold for registering for VAT changes yearly. This may affect your answer if you hadn't applied the correct threshold. Another major change is the calculation of early settlement discount.

    Assessment under FA2015 or FA2016 is dependent WHEN you sit the exam and not which syllabus. FA2016 is used in assessments taken between 1 January 2017 to 31 December 17.

  • jaspreetjaspreet Registered Posts: 19
    Thanx a lot. For the reply.if I want to practice FA 2016 do I need to study module (book)of AQ 2016.sorry it's a silly question but I'm confused bcoz I did study FA 2015 when I had exam FA 2016 it's totally different from what I studied:
  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    There is very little difference between AQ2013 and AQ2016 syllabus for ITax. Don't get confused with FA2015 and FA2016. It was just unfortunate the questions were not as you expected.

    The key is FA2016 nothing to do with syllabus. At my training provider the AQ2013 and AQ2016 students attend exactly the same course, it would not make a difference whether you have the AQ2016 book for ITAX. You just have to familiar with FA2016, there are enough resources on the AAT website under their study support to help you. However if you did want to get a workbook with AQ2016 for FA2016 it won't do any harm.
  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    Did you attend classes or are you a distance learner?
  • jaspreetjaspreet Registered Posts: 19
    Thanx I'm doing distance learner.
  • N4TN4T AAT Student Posts: 191
    They are so much more expensive but I guess the benefit of being taught in the classroom is the tutor would have alerted you to using FA2016 for exam sittings from 1 Jan 2017.

    Good luck with your resit.
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