How to obtain classroom experience over summer holidays?

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Hi Folks

My son , who is in year 11, wants to become a teacher, and was thinking of there is any way he can get classroom work experience over the summer holidays?

Can you advice?



  • SallyR789
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    Not sure about over the summer holidays but his school should be able to provide opportunities for him to act as a teaching assistant/ mentor to younger students during term time (my son did that at his school). If he tells his tutor his plans then we are usually all very good at giving future teachers an insight into what we actually do! There is also a scheme he can join before he starts/ whilst in university where they get 2 weeks classroom experience which then helps with their application for a BEd or PCGE by providing 'on the job' experience. The only other thing would be to contact language schools as they work over the summer but as we all usually need DBS checks it may be difficult for anyone to actually take him on. Best thing is to ring around as many places as you can & see what you can find.
  • geek84
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    Thanks Sally
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