MIP application help


I am just starting my quest to start my own business however I am unsure what the application is asking in certain areas, mainly practice management. I would be grateful for some help please.

My back round is working for a firm for almost 9 years now and am now in industry but want to continue to provide accountancy services, I feel I would have everything in application covered is it just a case making sure I am thorough.

With regard to legal and regulation, I have adhered to all areas ethically but but obviously can't just write that down, how have others shown practice management in this area?


  • ajwiltshire
    ajwiltshire Registered Posts: 2
    Just an update I have almost completed the form, I would really appreciate someone who has recently obtained licensed status to give it a look over to make sure i have fully understood what the form is asking of me.

    Thanks in advance
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