Accounts payable progression to being an accountant

Hi. I want to be an accountant in the future but I haven't had much luck in getting a trainee accountant like job. I have seen a few accounts payable or sales ledger jobs around and I was wondering if the job is a good start in the right direction to helping secure a trainee accountant like role in the future?
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you
P.s sorry for making the same post on another area. I accidently selected the wrong one and don't know how to delete it


  • NatalieSarantos
    NatalieSarantos Registered Posts: 150
    Hi! I've been working in an accounts payable job for 2 years and I have now got a new job in a different company as accounts assistant doing financial statements and management accounts. Accounts payable is definitely a great place to start as it makes you familiar with the ledgers, coding (to different cost departments), methods of payments, authorisation processes, reporting variances to the budgets, etc. I would definitely reccomend it!
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