Just starting AAT L4 (AQ2013)--should I really start with ISYS?

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Hi everyone, I've just completed L3 and am starting L4. My course advisor says I should start with ISYS since it takes so long to complete. I'm not sure this is really the best module to start with though--has anyone else started L4 with this module? And if so, how did it go for you? Thanks!


  • N4T
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    The project requires knowledge gained from L2-4. You have 6 months to submit the project so you'll be doing the project alongside the L4 units. I have completed 3 units so far and about to start my project so don't have any experiences to share with you on that regard. I will be sitting the 4th unit in 5 weeks. All my 3 compulsory units will be completed by then (fingers cross I pass)

    My training provider advised we should have at least done the 3 compulsory units before attempting the project.

    If you are also working it'll be tough to juggle so many things.

    You have until 31 Dec 2017 to complete L4 under AQ2013. If you aren't working towards a personal deadline other than this one then I would suggest doing 1 or 2 L4 units first so you can gauge how much study time you'll need. Find out when next you can start the project if you decide not to start now.
  • Adele69
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    N4T said:


    My training provider advised we should have at least done the 3 compulsory units before attempting the project....

    Mine too (I'm doing Distance Learning) has not given me the option, so doing the 3 compulsory units first: Financial Statements, Analysing Financial Performance, Budgeting. Then when I have the optional I don't know whether to work on the Project alongside doing the optional modules.

    There is an argument for leaving the Project until last. This is from the AAT 2016Update document

    "If you choose to remain on AQ2013 you'll need to complete your qualification by 31 December 2017. If you're unable to do this, you'll have to transfer onto the AQ2016 qualification, sit the synoptic level assessment and any unit assessments that don't directly transfer."

    I don't fancy doing it as someone in the same boat. One big reason for opting to stay on AQ2013 was having more resources available. I don't know if anyone has sat the L4 Synoptic yet, though just read about the suspension of MCDL module suggests the L4 syllabus has a few issues. I also don't like the idea of getting a grade on L4 when just passing it is challenge enough, and how that would even work for a L4 part 2013/part 2016.
  • N4T
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    Adele69, you are absolutely right...don't leave things until the last minute because you want to avoid switching to AQ2016 if you don't complete L4 by Dec 2017. My staying with AQ2013 was the same as yours and am I glad I did! I have given myself a few months wiggle room in case of retakes or unforeseen events.

    Check out the L4 schedule with your training provider and find out when you can start the project. If I didn't start my project this week I had to wait another 2 months.

    Each training provider has different policies and guidelines...some want students to submit drafts regularly....each section for example. Mine wants to see the 1st draft as a complete report :( All these will help you decide when to schedule your report in.
  • Adele69
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    I probably didn't put that very well. If you completed the Project and most, but not all optional modules, then you would still need to do the incomplete modules and the Synoptic assessment.

    AAT made it a selling point, that going into AQ2016 you would no longer need to do a Project but instead a Synoptic assessment. But if you don't complete AQ2013 you could be stuck with doing both, having completed a Project but still needing to do the Synoptic assessment.
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