Sage 50 Accounts Exam Queries

Can anyone who has already sat the Sage 50 Accounts Exam give me any tips/experiences or things to be careful about when sitting the exam, and also an explanation as to when to upload my files near the end and how, as I'm currently unsure about this.

Thank you.


  • matchbox
    matchbox Registered Posts: 15
    I'm about to sit mine on Friday and had the same query about uploading files.
    It would be great if anyone knew?
  • franzzy02
    franzzy02 Registered Posts: 2
    Uploading files:

    1. Download assessment book and create a new folder on your desktop. And save all files on that folder so that when it comes on uploading it is easier for you to check where you save it.
    2. Read the instructions properly on saving and renaming the files on the tasks given.
    3. Sometimes there is an instruction that tells you to print the report but it is better to export/save it as a PDF so that you will not be having a hard time when it's time to upload.
    4. you can let the training provider/ invigilator (if you have) to print a hard copy of the assessment book so that you will avoid on shifting windows to conserve time. just when you finish every task just mark or check in the AAT secure client then move to another task again.
    5. when it comes on uploading make sure that all generated reports and documents that are open should be closed.
    6. return to AAT secure client and click all task.
    7. click UPLOAD and on the left side click again upload and look for your save file on the created folder on you desktop. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU RENAME THE FILES ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN IN THE ASSESSMENT BOOK.
    8. Click Finish on the right side and there will be a pop up message and let you choose to return or continue. just click Continue. then uploading is done.
    9. Hand over printed assessment to the invigilator as AAT assessment materials are copyrighted. It is not permitted to distribute, copy, reuse or circulate any AAT assessment material.

    I hope will hep. Goodluck and Godbless on your exam.
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