Advice desperatly needed for starting in this career and working from home

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Hi everyone, as above i need some hardcore advice. I have emailed a few companies about this back in January and still ~I haven't heard back so hoping I can get some valuable honest advice from the people actually doing it/done it. I really dont know which way to turn or what the likely hood of me doing this from home one day is? pls see email i sent below that sums up my situation. Thanks in advance for any advice

Hi there,

I want to change my career from office admin to a bookkeeper and my end goal is to be able to work from home. I started this journey 2 years ago now and am currently qualified with a level 2 bookkeeper qualification. Unfortunatly my confidence lagged and I never got the courage up to go out and seek work in this career but also becuase I was never given through information on wether this would be enough or if I needed to keep studying.
I am now pregnant and I want to be able to provide for my child and have a comfortable wage and hopefully work from home I have a good few months to knuckle down and study before it arrives and I plan to use a lot of maternity leave to study as well and hopefully get some practise under my belt and be able to work for myself from home in the next year following that.

I have experience within my course bu also I used self employed myself so I have experience doing basic books.
While reading up online a few sources say you need to have a level or gcse math C and above, this I don't have will I have to re-do them also?

I would be really grateful if you could point me in the right direction and advise me on what I need to do next.


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    I admire your honesty but bear in mind that you are emailing a potential employer and not a career coach. A future employer would need to see what you are good at and what value you will add to their business.
    Work on your strengths: you have a bookkeeping qualification, you used to be self employed (probably doing your own books?) and you are willing to study further.
    It can be hard to see your own strengths when you lack self confidence but ask your friends or family what they think your main qualities are. You would be surprised!
    Say you are looking for a flexible working arrangement ( some employers may consider subcontracting bookkeeping to you). I wouldn't mention the fact that you are pregnant.
    Work on your CV and have it proof read. As mrme says make sure there are no spelling mistakes in either your CV or covering letter/ email. It shows a lack of attention to detail which is an important characteristic of a bookkeeper after all.

    Be clear about what your priorities are. It is not obvious from your email.

    Best of luck!
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    Sorry this was not sent to an employer, I would have worded this extremely different if it was. I wasn't clear enough, this was emailed to a education company, one being aat which have come back with conflicting advice :/ icb I think was the other which came back with nothing.

    I wrote this thread while at work very quickly so my error with spelling due to rushing. Obviously I would take my time on an application for a job or if was trying to sale myself. I just need advice on the best road towards my end goal.

    My main points being-

    * yes currently pregnant meaning I have an opportunity to study while at home, if so which course do I go for? Sage computing? Level 3? There's so many!

    *do i need to fork out more money to study at home or would I stand a good chance of getting a job with my current experience and qualifications

    *my end goal is to earn a higher wage than I currently do (min wage) and to work from home when possible to look after the family on a more flexible basis. I am willing to put in a lot of hard work but is this achievable? If so what route would you suggest I took next?

    As previously said I've tried to get advice from companies that train and it's not been clear at all. I'd like someone who's doing it or is in the process to maybe give me some guidance. I'm so eger to move on and up but I've been given conflicting advice
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