Got Account Payable Officer interview for NHS Help!

Anyone work in Accounts payable for NHS?
I have an interview next week and have had a read round on questions and have absolutely no idea how to answer the ones I've seen!
I have worked in Receivables for the last year so am ok on Sage allocating payments and bank rec ect but truly have no idea what I am going to say at this interview.
Some example questions I've seen are
What is the role of a PCT?
What is meant by an SLA contract ?
What is meant by payment by results ?
If a budget holders cost centre was severly overbudget then what would you do?
What is the role of the management accounts section in the PCT?
Any help at all appreciated!


  • Adele69
    Adele69 AAT Student Posts: 320
    Congratulations, and good luck.

    I've worked in Payables for years, in local government though.

    PCTs (Primary Care Trust) cover small geographic areas and run most of the main hospitals and health centres for a region, worth checking the website of where you may be working. Most service based organisations use SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Would have thought overspends were the remit of management accountants. Cost centres overbudget if by a lot could be some spend allocated to the wrong account or even fraud.

    As the biggest employer in the UK, the NHS may use one of the larger ERP systems like Oracle or SAP though not that much different in principle to Sage.
  • freejack2k
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    Hi Thanks for that

    Here's hoping, if there is any one who does work for them I'd really appreciate their input
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